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The RAMONA project

The future of rangeland monitoring begins now

RAMONA is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) to demonstrate how high-resolution Earth Observation data from the Sentinels can be used to measure rangeland indicators systematically and accurately. A suite of core and experimental products will be developed and implemented in a prototype Earth Observation-based rangeland monitoring system at continental scale for Africa.

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Conceptualisation of a multifunctional African rangeland, highlighting key elements and processes that drive rangeland functioning. Copernicus Sentinel missions provide the multi-sensor and multi-resolution observation capacity required to advance state-of-the-art rangeland monitoring.

WP1: Market Exploitation

The objectives of WP1 are to establish use-cases to ensure market-oriented services, maximising project visibility and its implementation within the commercial partners services considering scenarios and conditions for optimal integration.

WP2: Global Siting Data

The objectives of WP2 are to curate, amend and establish access to global wind and wave models for free screening services and as tailor made input data for automated numerical and statistical downscaling to project site scales (WP3).

WP3: Site Scale Siting Data

The objective of WP3 is to prepare automated downscaling tools and workflows to generate data at local scale (e.g. particular wind farms) for cost estimate and optimization purpose. This includes both atmospheric and oceanic parameters, hindcast and forecast.

WP4: Analytics and Uncertainty

The objective of WP4 is to develop analytics components for both post-processing the metocean data for easy and compliant application in design and planning workflow and for uncertainty assessment by comparing ensemble modelled results to in situ and satellite observations (public and project specific) and digital tools for assessing their reliability for particular offshore operations and communicating decision support.

WP5: Data Service

WP5 will design and implement the data services enabling the new metocean data and analytics to efficiently reach the end users (including enabling demonstration of the use cases in WP6)

WP6: Service Applications and Demostration

WP6 objective is to detail the use-case success criteria, to develop applications, and to demonstrate and evaluate application for each specific case selected.

WP7: Project Dissemination and Management

The objective of WP7is to ensure internal and external collaboration, efficient project implementation, market relevance and effective dissemination to all relevant Danish industrial players