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Products and services

The GASPOC project delivers its value through both new products and services as well as through new data, features and functionalities inside well-established products and services to allow an immediate impact via known market pathways. GASPOC thus contributes to or delivers the following list of products and services: 

MetOcean Data Portal

High-quality and realiable metocean data is fundamental to the success of any marine project.

You can save time gathering, analysing and reporting metocean data with DHI’s Metocean Data Portal.

The global portal enables you to download and validate 40 years of wind, wave, water level and current data, as well as retrieve interactive analytics or download time series data through a user-friendly interface or API.

With the subscription based service, improved efficiency is experienced across all stages of your offshore or coastal project—from feasibility, planning and design, to construction and operation.

GASPOC contribution:

Planned for August 2022: A new high resolution accurate Global Wave Model dataset covering 43 historical years 1979-2021.

Planned for March 2023: Automated access to your private Fast Wave and Fast Flow model results and auto reporting functionality


Mike 21 SW

With MIKE 21 Spectral Waves, you can calculate wind-waves in all seas – easily and accurately.

The numerical model can calculate the size of wind-generated waves and swell to produce metocean data as a solid and cost-effective foundation for a multitude of offshore or nearshore wave sensitive engineering activities, e.g. Offshore Wind Energy activities.

This advanced 3rd generation wind-wave modelling software offers a pioneering flexible mesh approach and highly efficient engine parallelisation.

MIKE 21 Spectral Waves enables you to properly resolve the physical environment and governing wave processes by calculating wave climates at the regional and local scale when high spatial resolution is required.

GASPOC contribution:

Released 24 November 2021: Research based new Source term formulations we well as input correction to neutral wind speed included in Release 2022.

These are a prerequisite for the accurate new long term Global Wave Model data sets and the wave siting data in the Global Wind Atlas.

Fast Wave Emulator is a GASPOC developed new data and application-driven metocean downscaled wave modelling work flow. It transfers regional scale modelling results from the Metocean Data Portal to the local scale of offshore wind farms, access and cable corridors, as well as ports and thus generates new project-specific data sets in the data portal. 

GASPOC Contribution:

Release planned November 2022

Fast Wave Emulator

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FMSkill is designed to be your modelling validation assistant. It should be useful enough to use every time you do a metocean simulation. FMskill will make it easy to assess the skill of a metocean model by comparing model results with measurements also when result is split on several files (2d, 3d, yearly, …), to compare the skill of different calibration runs, to compare your model with other models, to use a wide range of common evaluation metrics, to create common plots such as time series, scatter and taylor diagrams, to do aggregations. And it should be difficult to make mistakes by verifying input, trustworthy by having >95% test coverage and easy to install.

GASPOC contribution:

During 2021 and H1 2022: Support for efficient comparison against satellite altimetry data via aggregation in spatial bins and improved scatter plot including data density visualization

Q1 2023: code optimization for application in validation web service


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Transparent user interactive data validation of Metocean Data Portal datasets against in situ and satellite data. 

GASPOC Contribution:

Q2 2023: Re-factor existing service for efficient support of satellite data and to cover water level, ocean currents, wind and waters. 

Metocean Validation

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Vento Maritime Offshore Weather Service provide tailor-made consultancy related to marine weather and ocean environment.

We can answer the following questions for you: 

  • How much work can be done in a certain area during winter vs. summer?
  • What weather conditions and weather windows can you expect?
  • Are the wave conditions suitable for your vessel?
  • Should you upgrade the vessel in order to handle higher waves?

Customized forecast, hindcast and advice to marine projects are offered along with specialized risk analysis reports. A MetOcean consultancy report will be tailored to your individual requirements, focusing on the parameters that are most important, so that you can confidently plan structural designs or marine operations and thus reduce expensive operational down-time.

GASPOC contribution:

  • Thorough validation of the metocean data
  • Quick calculation of the general metocean conditions
  • Calculations of joint probabilities and extremes
  • Easy and quick calculation and display of weather windows


Release date is yet not been determined.

Offshore Weather Service

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DHI Marine Observation Data

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Global Wind Atlas

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