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Global Atlas of Siting Parameters Ocean and Coasts

GASPOC Project summary

GASPOC will shorten the project development period for offshore wind farms getting new green energy plants faster into the energy mix, lower CAPEX and lower the OPEX once in production. This value is brought through automated data driven downscaling techniques with high accuracy applied to meteorological and ocean modelling and analytics.

GASPOC will deliver globally covering comprehensive and easily accessible state-of-the-art metocean datasets. These are in terms input to new accurate metocean model downscaling to local sites. This is achieved by using fast scalable automated high-resolution numerical models and novel applications of machine learning techniques allowing inclusion of local public and proprietary data sources. 

Equally important is a comprehensive model validation against satellite and in-situ data and efficient human quality assurance tool set and workflows.

GASPOC come with metocean data analytics that optimally supports seamless application to strategic planning of offshore wind energy development, offshore wind turbine, substructure and farm design processes as well as planning of installation, operation and maintenance. Data and analytics is supplied to end users as tailored data services including free global wind atlases, dedicated web services for use case specific application and delivery by API’s.

Metocean data easily accessible and fast to generate and validate at local scale lowers risks and optimizes design and operations