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Upcoming Events

WindEurope Annual 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark

March 2023: Half year meeting 2023

August 2023: Final Meeting

Demonstration Phase

April-June 2023

Project Meetings

29 September 2020: GASPOC Kick-off

2 March 2021: QPM01

1 June 2021: QPM02

28 October 2021: Annual Meeting 01

5 May 2022: Half-way Meeting

Technical Workshops

19 November 2020: WP2+3 Technical Workshop

27 June 2022: Statistical Downscaling Workshop

Conferences, Workshops & Meetings

26 May 2021, Hannover, Germany: Participation in Wind Energy Science Conference

 23-25th November, Copenhagen, Denmark: WindEurope Electric City 2021

9th March, Copenhagen, Denmark: Seminar on Offshore Wind collaboration between Norway and Denmark 

 23rd March, Vejle, Denmark: Wind Denmark Annual Meeting

2nd June, Copenhagen, Denmark: Green Power Denmark Topmøde 2022, 

November 2022: Annual Meeting 2022

WindEurope WindEnergy Hamburg 27-30th September 2022, Hamburg, Germany

Wind Energy Denmark 2nd November, Risø, Denmark



J. Tornfeldt Sørensen, “Global Atlas of Siting Parameters Ocean and Coast (GASPOC)”, Wind Energy Science Conference, 26 May 2021, Hannover, Germany